Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

Hualapai Ceremony

The Hualapai Tribe at the Grand Canyon

Elders of the ancient Hualapai tribe told our heroes: "We are warriors who fought for our freedom. You are warriors too."

The Vegas Strip

Skywalk, Grand Canyon

Heroes for Freedom

2012 Saw the first Heroes for Freedom trip to Fabulous Las Vegas with 24 heroes and 12 sponsors/hosts

The Morning Blend

Event Organiser, Gary Doggett talks on The Morning Blend about the Heroes for Freedom Gala Dinner at the Bellagio Hotel!
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Heroes for Freedom Las Vegas Trip

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Our Mission

We are aiming to take as many Heroes as possible on the 2016 Las Vegas trip courtesy of the various fund raising activities from the polo & other events, donations and a prize draw.

It’s a great opportunity for R&R and a chance for all the Heroes to enjoy fantastic hospitality and share their experiences and future ambitions with Supporters and the locals.

A comment from a Hero that came on the previous trip that stood out and really sums up the event: “This has given me the time and support I needed to deal with the demons inside my head.”

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A selection of comments from those who were there in 2014

Captain Ed Adlington – The Rifles Regiment – Mental injuries often take longer to recover from than physical injuries and this inclusive trip is unlike any other. The relaxed and fun nature of the holiday allows veterans to share their troubles and support each other through their struggles.

Most important about the trip is the sense of value the holiday gives the veteran. Nowhere holds their veterans in as high regard as the Americans and the hospitality American veterans receive is shared with the Brits on this trip.

Lance Bombardier Paul Wakeman (Den) – Royal Artillery – My journey to Las Vegas began and it also very nearly ended as my PTSD and fear of strange people in crowded places started to get the better of me. I nearly turned back at Gatwick because believe it or not I struggle on my own away from my wife, however I fought my fear and was so glad I did as it has given me a renewed strength to be able to push on and do things on my own and feel comfortable that I can.

It was never going to be easy as I knew I would be facing massive crowds of strangers in Las Vegas but if I could fight my fears here I knew what a massive step I was taking on the road to recovery and I did, beating one of my biggest fears, along with other soldiers/veterans on the trip.

Sgt Tom Stimpson MBE – The journey for me has been a long road with dark times along the way. At a time when I had just been discharged after 26 years service with operational tours in Iraq and Afghanistan suffering with a mix of problems, seizures, PTSD and a condition requiring chemotherapy treatment, it was exactly what I needed. Las Vegas has opened my eyes again.

The support and friendship of those on that trip will never be forgotten. It was the foundation of realising life had changed and I was on a different path. One I will fulfil with pride and honour.


Sgt Andy – Royal Marines – The Las Vegas trip was fantastic with emotional moments for all. I luckily have just sustained physical injuries, however there was a myriad of lads on the trip with various emotional issues and states of PTSD. The trip for them enabled a huge leap forward in their recovery and general wellbeing.

Out of our natural environment but with like-minded and troubled soldiers/ex-soldiers all sharing and helping one another by far for me was the highlight of the trip. All who had any part to play in making Vegas 14 become a reality should feel proud and I’m honoured to have been amongst such people, both the injured soldiers and our supporters alike.

Private Simon Peacock – 1st Battalion, Royal Anglian Regiment – The Vegas Trip for me was a time where I could unwind and speak to other people in my position. The banter was fantastic and it was amazing how quickly we all started speaking in the military language.

I was told by a friend who had been already that the trip will really help you to regain your confidence and regain control of your PTSD. Being able to talk to other Veterans with the same difficulties that I have, made me feel that I wasn’t suffering alone. I was able to laugh again and the real Simon was coming back.

LCPL Ben Deakin – Haslar Company Royal Marines – I just want to email you to say a massive, massive thank you and to express how truly grateful I am for the whole experience, it was a load of life experiences thrown into one week. Meeting the injured Americans along with the veterans at the Grand Canyon was all very humbling and a great insight into what some of the guys have achieved since injury.

I think coming from a personal level where I’m not the most injured it was great to be a apart of an invaluable experience seeing how other cap badges and other seriously injured cope from day to day and how they open up to one of their own and let out their problems, which I believe probably wouldn’t happen in a closed military environment, due to self pride.

A selection of comments from those who were there in 2012

Cassidy Little – 42 Commando Haslar Company – I was at a point of over load when the trip was suggested. The combination of an awful lot of drugs with the tedious nature of rehabilitation was slowly chipping at my moral. I spent some well needed time with my injured brothers, especially JJ who I was injured with.

Colum McGeown – Irish Guards – The trip was a wonderful communal experience, you could either kick back, enjoy the food and the sites or do what many men with a pulse do when they hit Vegas – Sin City. It was a wonderful experience with some very special Army/and non-Army personnel.

Trevor Bygate – Sargent 633 Sqn. AAC – Personally I thought the trip was life changing for me, spending time with those who had been through some horrendous times but have battled on and are an inspiration to myself and others. Getting the opportunity to meet some fantastic friends and kind people who I will never forget and will always be there for them if ever needed.

Leora Azouly – Incentives By Design Las Vegas – I am not the same person. I cannot relate to my normal job anymore. In speaking to some of the boys on the journey back to the airport, the overall consensus was that their week in Las Vegas gave them a new will for life! It gave them back the spark that was so horribly smothered when they were injured. We couldn’t make their bodies whole again but we did fill their hearts with love and admiration and they will always have these memories to look back on!

Brett Matthews – Sponsor – Such humble ‘get on with it’ men enjoying and managing their lives to the full with a bravado and determination which is to behold. I truly salute them all, and I for one was adjusted to the real world and consider on a daily basis my own life and what I am grateful for.

Andy Grant – Royal Marines – Everything about the trip was unbelievable. The people of Las Vegas could not have been more welcoming and just that feeling of being appreciated went a long way. The Grand Canyon was great especially meeting the natives. This was something I hadn’t experienced before and really was very powerful. My favourite moment personally was winning $10,000 in the last hour of the trip. That for me summed up a once in a life time experience.

Ian Carlisle – Sponsor – This is one of the best trips we have made. A truly humbling experience to be with a group of soldiers that despite having given so much for their country, remain so positive about life. Vegas has so much to give and the trips & special events were all first class.

We were amazed by how well the Americans treated our heroes. The whole of the Vegas departure lounge including all the people in the shops stood and applauded until everyone was on the plane
The guys were open and positive which given what they have been through makes you wonder why anybody can moan about anything. Loads of laughs and a few moments that were just emotional and riveting.

Ben Harris – PrimeXeon – It was a truly unforgettable, humbling and inspirational trip. It really put everything into perspective!

Gary Doggett – MCG – It was an absolute pleasure for my friends and I to host these brave heroes. I should never complain about anything again after seeing how they overcame such adversity!